a nice shot taken by my Brother Van– Oceano beach July 2, 2010
Good Vibrations/Taste of Pismo Event April 15, 2011:
About 350-400 people turned out for this wine tasting/finger food silent/live auction event held on a perfect sunny Friday afternoon on the cliffs of Dinosaur Caves in Pismo Beach. Participants enjoyed the sounds of CT and Johnny Lee while sampling food and wine from local restaurants and checking out the many cool items donated
for the effort. Thanks to the generosity of the Pismo Beach Chamber of Commerce, King Ventures, and local businesses/wineries, this silent/live auction community fundraiser raised $25,014 for the family.
For more Images: http://calcoastnews.com/2011/04/pismo-beach-benefit-for-kinsley-wong-event-photos/?show=slide

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LookAt.tv features Kinsley ThomasWong riding the BEST 2010 Waroo 9m and Underground 2010 STYX 128cm board here: http://lookat.tv/bigair/

Kinsley and Jamie found Polka Dot fish in Cozumel

A very rare fish: Polka Dot Bat Fish - Filmed by Kinsley ThomasWong - Cozumel Mexico - November 20, 2009 near Melia Hotel.

Kinsley testing new Underground 2010 Freewaves

December 2009 Kiteboarding at Oceano Beach, California

Our 2009 Holidays Card

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